This week: Writing Historical Books & Discount Code for Scribd.

Happy Monday,

Whilst its usually the worst day of the week, I couldn’t be happier. This week in my reading life, I have discovered two amazing things…

Firstly, I have a new Favourite book. You know that moment when you are about 1/4 of a book and you just smile cause you know that this book is ‘THE ONE’

I was reading The Bride by Julia Garwood, and I was about 70ish pages in, and I thought... I could write my own Historical Novel.

I’ve been toying with the idea of writing my own novel for a while, but my true love for 20-something years has been history. I’ve been reading up about it, and I have heard you need to research a hell of a lot to make it believable and accurate. I am up for the challenge.

From the advice I’ve found research is the key to writing an accurate novel. So I’ve started to research my chosen time period – Tudor Times England; Court life. I’m not sure if I want to base it on a courtier, or a servant yet. Perhaps, I’ll even set it in Wales or Scotland yet. But I am so excited.


Recently whilst scrolling through Instagram, I came across a user called Hardback Hoarder. She’s a book tuber and has an amazing channel. When watching one of her videos I noticed a discount code for a company called Scribd.

So I researched it. Scribd is a monthly subscription for eBooks, Audiobooks, Magazines, Documents and Sheet Music.

It’s unlimited, so you can download as many as you like. You can add as many as you like to your lists. Take a look at the screenshot from the iPad app.

It’s really easy to use and if you follow this link —>

you can get 2 free months. (Discount code from

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