About Me

Hi! My name is Kirsten & Welcome to my Blog.

First, let me explain that for about 25 years I have loved to read. When I was little my mum would always take me to my local library in Southend every Saturday. I would spend hours sitting on bean bags reading whatever fairy tale or history book I could find.

Fast forward to my teens and Vampire Diaries (the Books by L J Smith) was just starting (yes I am that Old) and I was hooked on the sinister fantasy of the fanged creatures of the night.

When I was a kid I dreamed of writing my own novel, but then the perils of life got in the way, and I wrote a few chapters, but never finished a novel. I convinced myself I wasn’t smart enough. I decided I needed to get a degree in creative writing. I joined Open University.

Truth is, I am smart enough to write a novel, I just become so worried that I might fail, that I procrastinated and didn’t get myself organised. somewhere along the lines I enjoyed my course so much that I have continued with it to further my career.

In truth, being a librarian is all I have wanted to be and so I need to managed my own library and get a job as an Library Assistant, with the plan to become a full CILLIP accredited librarian.

Thanks for Visiting xoxo