Criminal Love: My Work-in-Progress


Grace just wanted to go to the gym, get home and share a takeaway with her cat, Stan. She didn’t expect to get kidnapped by her brother’s cellmate, and expected to find a suitcase full of stolen money. She also didn’t expect to fall for the kidnapper or that he was already in love with her.

Its unedited and raw, but this is a preview from Chapter 1. I am quite proud of this novel, but more importantly, I know that I would read it if I saw it on Amazon.

I looked around the room, my gaze stopping on one of the inmates. He was a large man, dwarfing the table he sat at and the man he was sitting with. Edges of his tattoos peeked out from under his t-shirt. His dark hair was cropped short buzz like, his tanned skin was scarred which looked like he’d taken plenty of beatings. He eyes were dark brown almost black and they were focused angrily on something. His mouth tightened into a fierce, tight line, his jaw moving as he ground his teeth. I followed his line of vision which led… to Jason.

Making friends again, I see Jason. I rolled my eyes and looked back at the man to find his eyes were now on her. His eyes had softened slightly, one side of his mouth had turned upwards, grinning at her. He winked at me, I could feel the heat crawl up my face, along with a smile. His mouth widened into a shit-eating grin. The effect made him look care-free and boy like. I felt an electric current flow through and hit straight for my clit, my pussy clenching, I squirmed in my seat, making the hunky man grin even wider.