Tips for the Best Read-Cation: Lockdown Style

Hello Pumpkins

In case you don’t know what a Readcation is, let me please explain.

3+ days of uninterrupted reading.

So instead of visiting wild exotic places filled with Face Masks and Anti bac gel, you can visit Fantasy lands from the comfort of your own home, wearing no mask, and possibly no bra..

Six Months into this virus and according to the news the riots may start soon, Christmas with Family has been cancelled, basic operations are being cancelled again and any hope for a vaccine is next year…

It’s all bad news these days. Which is why for my Week off Work I am having a ReadCation. 9 days of switching off from the news, and flying into far away lands where ‘social distancing’ doesn’t frequent every supermarket shop window.

This week is the last Holiday before the end of the year. My Reading Goals have plummeted and I have been in such a slump. I have hated working from home. This week will help me to recapture my love for reading and all things literary.

10 Tips for a great ReadCation

  1. Let your family know! This are weird and unusual times. Working from Home and staying indoors as much as possible can cause strain amoungst family members.
  2. Snacks! Get as much from the Supermarket as possible. I’ve gone for Fruit, Mints & Crisps for my food, but I have a craving for Jelly Beans.
  3. Find some easy to cook meals, and plan them in advance.
  4. Get off of the Phone! – Unless its Goodreads, Spotify or the Bookly App, get off the Phone. Stay away from the News!
  5. Don’t just read. Say What!! Yeah, so reading for hours straight, can make your eyes feel tired. Compliment this with rearranging your bookshelves, Cooking a great meal, making a hot beverage of your choice, or Write a Review. Maybe take a visit to the library or a bookstore.
  6. Drink Plenty of Water. That’s just sensible.
  7. Dress up/Dress Down – Where a Tux, Ball Gown, heck wear nothing! It doesn’t matter as long as your are happy.
  8. Have a TBR pile – Visit the Library, or buy new books or just plan what Books you would like to read. Having them to hand really helps to make sure you can read as much as you can.
  9. Take a Bath – Self-care is important and us FanGirls know that there can be a lot of emotions in a book. Often, if a book is good enough you go along the journey with the character. This can be draining. Take a moment at the beginning or end of the day to just relax and brush away those feeels…
  10. Have a Goal- In hours how much time do you want to spend reading. My goal is 50 Hours. Its attainable, and reasonably for 9 days of reading. Make sure you can smash the goal. Setting one too high will leave you feeling stressed aim for something you know can challenge you, but at the same time is reasonably to complete. You need to smash this goal. The Goal is to feel good about it and most importantly have fun!!

Well there you have it. My ReadCation starts now. I plan to read the Red Queen Series by Victoria Aveyard, and then Amazon will be delivery the rest towards the end of this week.

Enjoy, and let me know in the comments if you have enjoyed a Readcation.